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Flora & Fauna in NP Sutjeska
The flora of the National Park "Sutjeska" is sufficiently indicated by the data on over 2600 registered vascular plants, with a large percentage of endemic and rare species, rich and diverse dendroflora, aquaflora, and over 100 species of fungi and a real treasure of medicinal plants and fruits of nature.


Plant species - the most important endemic species, very rare in general and very rare in the Park area • (Monograph)

Bedrnica (Pančićia) (Pancicia serbica)
Bresina (savory) (Mikromeria croatica)
White pine (common) Pinus silvestris- very rare in the park area- only singly on the southern slopes of Snijeznica;
Crnjuša (Erica carnea) – only in the stand of Pančić’s spruce on Radomišlja (Sokoline Reserve);
Bosnian blackberry (Crepis dinarica) -Bosnian-Herzegovinian endemic;
Dinaric hammerhead (Crepis dinarica) – Illyrian endemic
FresinicaDrias octopetala- a relic of the preglacial flora of diluvium;
Hajduk grass (Achillea lingulata) -eastern Balkan endemic;
Hajduk grass Serbian (Achillea serbica) -rare, exclusively on the limestone of Slavigora and Vratara;
Deaf maple (Acer obtustum) -Jabucke Stijene, Dry;
Mountain maple (Acer heldreichi) – Balkan endemic of the foothills (subalpine) zone;
Jeremičak, daphne malyana-rare, Snijeznica and Suha;
Jeremičak crveni (Daphne cneorum) – just above Prijevor (Maglić) and on Studenac (Volujak);
Kaćun bosanski (Orchis bosniaca) -endem, only in a few locations in the Park;
Tin (Eqisetum hiemale) -rare, only in the Sutjeska valley;
Kotljan (Vetrovalj) (Eryngium palmatum) -Balkan endemic, just above Suha (Ploce);
Kozlinac (Oxitrpis dinarica) – Illyrian (Dinaric) endemic;
Mountain goat’s blood (Lonicera borbasiana) – Illyrian endemic, in special shrub communities at the top of Slavigorski potok;
Illyrian Krčagovina (Amphoricarpus autariatus) – endemic to central Bosnia, Herzegovina and western Montenegro, in limestone fissures;
Yeast (Oxiria digina) -rare, only on Vlasulja;
Viola zoisii – endemic, rare
Buttercup (Ranunuculus illyricus) -rare, just above Tjentište;
Alpine bear ear (Arctous alpina) -only in the bush communities of Slavigorski potok and Crveni Prljage;
Mountain mint (Teucrium arduini) -Balkan endemic, only in Average;
Mouse ear (Arenaria biflora) – very rare, in Studenac (Volujak);
Ferns (Asplenium fissum) – in cracks in the rocks of the subalpine and alpine belt on Maglić, Volujak and Zelengora: A. Lepidum-rare only on Ždrijelo: A. septentrionale-rare, only on Treskavac silicates;
Bosnian iris (Iris bosniaca) -progressive Balkan endemic, rare;
Dinaric bird grass (Cerastium dinaricum) – very rare, Bojanića Vrt (Vlasulja) and Studenac (Volujak);
Mountain catfish (Juniperus sabina) – rare, just above Susički potok (Makaze, Ploce, Vratar);
Yew (Taxus baccata) -grows only on Yew Hill (between Ozrensand Wheel Creek);
Bosnian widow (Knautia saraevoensis) -rare, present only on Maglić;
Dinar evening (Jeri-lilac) (Hesperis dinarica) – only on Hadzića Ravna, Dragoš Sedlo and Prijevor;
Illyrian louse (Pedicularis hermenniana) -rare, only on Zelengora;
Broad-leaved boar (Ruscus hypoglosum) -rare, in the beech forest of Snježnica and Careva gora;
Vranjak (Gymnadenia friwaldii) -only above Prijevor;
Creeping willow (Salix serpyllifolia) – rare, only around Sniježnik;
Zdravac (Babiba žila) (Geum molle) -Balcan endemic, below Kuka on Volujak and near Donji Bar on Zelengora;
Snake tongue (Ophiglossum vulgatum) -rare, near Gornji Bar;
Stellar (Aster alpinus) -rare, only onMountains and Average;
Bell broadleaf (Campanula latifolia) -only in the center of Perućica;
Bellflower (Edraanthus sutjescae) -endemic in the Sutjeska canyon;
Illyrian barberry (Barberis ilirica) – Illyrian endemic, in the Park, just above Crveni Prljag;

The fauna of the Park is very rich and diverse, starting with a large number of invertebrates, especially from the order of butterflies (Lepidoptera), amphibians, reptiles and fish, 36 species and 18 families of mammals, and numerous species of birds.


Important mammals in the Park • (Monograph):

Chamois (Rupicarpa rupicarpa)

Roe deer (Carpeolus carpeolus)

Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Bear (Ursus arctos)

Wolf (Canis lupus)

Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Badger (Meles meles)

White marten (Martes foina)

Marten (Martes Martes)

Little weasel (Mustella nivalis)

Hermelin (Mustella erminea)

Otter (Mustella luteola)

Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

Rabbit (Lepus europaeus)

Down (Glis glis)

Otter (Lutra lutra)

Hedgehog (Aeririnaceus europaeus)

Mole (Talpa europae)

The following are considered rare and sparse game:

Wild cat (Felis sylvestris)

Lynx (Lynx lynx)

Blind dogs (Spalax sp.)


114 species of birds were recorded in the Park during the development of the Management Plan (March-September 2002), but the final list of species should reach 135-150, if more observations are made at different times of the year. Of the 114 species observed, 61 nest and live in the Park, 32 species visit the Park only during the summer, but they also nest there, 16 species belong to migrants that pass here in autumn and spring to the northern parts where they nest, 5 species are here appears only in winter. The list of bird species in the Park includes nine species of woodpeckers. This number represents 90% of this family in Europe and shows the ecological diversity of opportunities available to the woodpecker in the forest areas of the Park.

Characteristic bird species of the Park:

Black grouse (Tetrao urogallus)
Tetrastes bonaria
Kamenjarka (Alectoris graeca)
Perdix perdix
Columba oenas
Columbus palambus
Wild turtle dove (Anas platyrpynchos)
Falcon pregrinus
Kestrel (Falco tinunculus)
Eagle Crusader (Aquilla haliacea)
Orao suri (Aquilla chrisaetos)
Eagle snake (Circetus gallicus)
Hen Hawk (Accipiter gentilis)
Birdwort (Accipiter nisus)
Owl Bubo (Bubo bubo)
Forest Owl (Asio otus)
Otus aeops
Galica čolica (Pirrhocorax gracalus)
Galica mountain (Pirrhocorax pirrhorax)
Gray crow (Corvus cornix)
Jay (Garralus glandarius)
Kreja (Nuccifraga caryocatactes)
Zeba (Fringilla coelebs)
Wintering (Pirhulla sp.)
Hemp (Carduelis cannabina)
Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)
Tit (Parus cristatus)
Red-headed Kingfish (Regulus ignicapillus)
Shallow white (Metacilla alba)
Great Nightingale (Luscinia luscinia)
Great spotted woodpecker (Deusocropus major)
Black feverfew (Gecirus higra)
Cuckoo (Cuculuc canorus)

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