The oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is also the last rainforest in Europe Perucica. In Sutjeska there is also Maglić, the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2386 m high, as well as the mountains of Zelengora, Volujak and Bioč. Mountain Maglić is located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and can be reached from the national park, which represents a great challenge for mountaineers, alpinists and similar nature lovers. For millennia, the Sutjeska River has traveled its way through the raging canyon and is coming through the heart of this national park, which occupies an area of 17,500 hectares. Her mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and savage wilderness are among the most magnificent in Europe. These Dinarides stretch deep into the Balkan Peninsula, all the way to Prokletije at the border with Montenegro and Albania.

On February 9, 1962, the National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed the Law on the Proclamation of the Sutjeska National Park Area (Official Gazette of the NR BiH 5/62)

Gazette of the NR BiH 5/62Proclamation

On 17 May 1952, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed the Decision on the allocation of Perućica (1,234 ha) “from regular forest management, as a forestry facility needed for scientific research and teaching”.

Government B&HAllocation

On June 3, 1954, by the decision of the National Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the area of Perućica, increased by 200 ha (1,434 ha), “is placed under the protection of the state as a natural reserve”.

National InstituteNatural reserve

In 1958, a memorial tomb at Tjentiste was built, in which the mortal remains of the 3.301th fighter from Sutjeska were buried.

Memorial tomb3.301th fighter from Sutjeska

On September 5, 1971, a large monument, the work of Miodrag Zivkovic, was ceremonially opened.

Large monumentwork of Miodrag Zivkovic

On 27 July 1975, the memorial house of the Battle of Sutjeska was opened, the work of Ranko Radović.

Memorial housework of Ranko Radović