Through the heart of Perućica

Travel – section: Tjentište – Dragoš Sedlo (1250 m), by bus or jeep depending on the size of the group (10 km) Dragoš Sedlo – Perućica – Suha (Sutjeska River Canyon)

Category: lower – medium

Groups: (min. 5 – max. 20 people)

Departure: 08:00 AM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Expected time of return: 20:00 PM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Walking time: 3.5 hours

What to bring: Hiking shoes, backpack, 1 liter of water, raincoat, sweatshirt, hat-cap and camera

What the package includes: Transport from Tjentište to Dragoš saddle, coffee or tea, lunch and lunch package and the presence of an experienced guide

Important warning !!!

Passage through Perućica is allowed only in the presence of a guide from the Sutjeska National Park.

Perucica10 Certainly the most valuable pearl in the series of natural treasures of the Sutjeska National Park is the strictly protected Perućica Reserve, one of the few preserved rainforests in Europe. Back in 1938, foresters and appraisers found a beautiful stand of beech, fir and spruce in the basin of the river Perićica, in the bay between Maglić, Volujak and Sniježnica, during the preparation of a structural study on the mountain Maglić. individual trees reached over 50 m. The forest stands of Perućica were unrivaled in the Dinarides, not only in wood mass and height, but also in composition, appearance and beauty. All this was the reason for the Government of SR BiH in 1952 to allocate the area of ​​Perućica with an area of ​​1234 ha “from regular forest management, as a forestry facility needed for scientific research and teaching”, and in 1954, that area, increased by another 200 ha, it is placed under the protection of the state as a nature reserve “, by the decision of the National Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities of BiH.

The view from Vidikovac (Dragoš Sedlo) to Perućica and the Skakavac waterfall, which falls from the height of over 70 m in the heart of the rainforest, fills man with satisfaction that this small part of pristine nature, with rich multifunctional biodiversity, has been preserved for present and future generations. Preservation and protection of Perućica in its original condition is one of the main tasks of the Sutjeska National Park. In the reserve, everything is left to nature. Birth, life, dying and rebirth, that eternal life cycle, takes place without human intervention. New life flourishes on the remains of naturally dead trees. Perućica is, today so rare, a natural laboratory with great significance for many scientific disciplines, for education, as well as for simply enjoying the pure and untouched nature.

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